THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE

This Website is Heart Felt and Gounded in TRUTH !  Especially for myself.
This is for my own redemption and a special dedication to the man who was first to reveal this "Hidden Ancient Knowledge" to me and to the world.


In such a complete package that no one else has ever compared.
His name is Jon DePew and his very important discoveries website that actually changed the world right in front of my eyes.

Pretty much his discovery has encompassed all the base principles of what these ancient discoveries have held within them . This discovery was made in 2003 and his website for the discovery created in 2004.

At first I didn't really believe or understand much of it myself. There wasn't anything else to compare these mind bending discoveries with at the time.
 Jon DePew  was doing this all alone at the time and his website was the only one which revealed this Knowledge at that point in time.

 I had great trouble believing it and almost laughed it off. The very nature and content of this very unusual and overwelming "Discovery" and the way he was passionately sharing openly with me and the world. While being scoffed at the whole time.

 Not only did he discover and present the most important message EVER to be given to mankind . He tops it all off  with the physical scientific working models he had originally designed by himself on his own merits and labors.

 I have seen for myself that he literally can prove every aspect of what he claims to have discovered , This is where he differs from all those people who have come along through the years after his initial discoveries.

I have tried to prove him wrong many times and to his benefit I failed to do so every with every attempt. Why ? I can say now I know  it's because he is a man of Truth and integrity. If something is TRUE , as Edward Leedskalnin says , You must be able to "SHOW IT"

This observation is not intended to be insulting , but I've noticed Jon DePew thinks in a very child like fashion.

 He seems to ignore all of what society teaches him and tells him to believe. He follows his inner voice.

And he experiments to prove what he believes to be true. 

Watching him work I can see he gives his best efforts to find what is true and what is not true, keeping the focus only on what is true.

  After meeting him in person , You wanna talk about a stubborn person . He doesn't give up easily. I suppose that's how he discovered these things in the first place.

In 2004 after coming across his website I deeply searched and searched Online for  for any other people , teachers or universities that had as much complete and Earth shattering information as to what Jon DePew was sharing with me and everyone else that went to his website.
 There wasn't anyone anywhere else in the world that was showing what he was.  I knew then that he was the real deal . Since then I have no doubt.

Once I finally met him and saw first hand what he was presenting to the world .That to me was very important , the fact that I could plainly see no one else could achieve or displayed his abilities of handling Energy in ways I hadn't ever seen .

I was sold on it from then on. I have never gone back to my previous belief systems . There were many people desperately trying to figure out and to replicate his work .To this date no one has been able to.

Even the people he's trained and in depth . They still can't do it or have any idea as to what he is really giving to the world.  Back then Jon was showing everyone his secrets obtained from his tireless experiments .

 I was there and it was fun for me. Jon's willingness to trust people quickly changed after a few ego filled Physicists who misrepresented themselves
as wanting to help Jon.
Turned out to be deception in motion. They were only interested in taking his discoveries for themselves. I can see people are still doing this to him to this day. That's why I've decided to create this tribute website.

Jon trusted and shared openly with so many people around the world
 and was deceived by them in a very unethical way, 85 % of the time.

  Not even within all the esoteric materials , I have scavenged through.
Those old esoteric books and texts were always nipping and hinting at things symbolically but never taught as a complete TRUTH, and in such a universally understandable way as the Coral Castle Code did..

All those esoteric books would only beat around the bush. Also there was a lot of non sense involved. They never had a final simple conclusion. changed all that for me. I'm so grateful for that , more than I can say in words here.

Literally  for me it was the THE GOLDEN TRUTH I've always desired to find.
I was there watching it all from the beginning and was fortunate enough to have some in depth chats and afternoons spent learning from Mr. Jon DePew . 

I lived pretty close to him here in Florida. Approx. 25 miles away from me He let me come for a visit . His beautiful wife cooked me the most delicious meal I think I ever had. I still think of it when I'm hungry.
  My first visit  to Mr.DePew was around Dec. 2004. He seemed a very shy but a kind and giving person, to allow me into his home , and he was surprisingly open to share his discoveries with me.  I felt lucky because I could see he was a Hermit type of recluse, and for him to teach me things
in person like that was quite out of a comfort zone for him. I can tell it was not easy for his type of personality. He didn't even know me, and still
shared his work with me.
Online you wouldn't notice he is such a hermit type person.
 Honestly , I nagged him so much in the beginning and I was being ill mannered at times. I was constantly trying to squeeze as much information out of his website and him, as possible. I couldn't get enough . It was so fantastic . I think it annoyed him though, because I was even starting to annoy myself . It seemed to me he was used to being alone and he liked it that way. He was going out of his normal way to help me learn.

Seeing it all from beginning to end , I can now see how society's treatments ignoring important discoveries and the people who discover them , can really do a number on the personality of that person .
Yet still being ignored by the world. Giving birth to a semi bitter person , stressful ,I can only imagine.
Especially with this enormous discovery as Jon was presenting.

I can understand his position, and seeing through the years, how so many people have trampled all over his original works and unique discoveries.
 Jon sometimes would become aggitated with certain types of people who climbed onto the back of his discoveries .

That's the first time I heard him  coin the term "HIJACKER'S of DISCOVERY"  at the time I didn't see myself as one of them. So I laughed out loud at it all.

I found Jon and the  website in the year 2004 and there wasn't anyone I've ever met from then til now ,that could show what he would eventually teach me and so many others.
Now I find every online corner I take , I see Jon's discoveries and beautiful message spreading, It is now EVERYWHERE in the world.
All over the place, It is spreading through the world like a wild fire.
That brings us to  the main focus of this tribute website. I feel sorry for Jon in the fact that so many people have taken over his discoveries and giving him zero credit for his accomplishments in being the one who discovering it.

This is how the world is , and seems always will be. I'm creating this site to list all the people who have come long after Jon's discovery and are trying
to take the credit for that original world changing discovery.

 I owe him that, and It bother's me very much to see people doing this
to Jon .
Without no regards to the person that opened the door for all of us with his Discovery in 2003.
I'm going to to show the weekly growth progress of this one man's dream
and message and how it's now spreading through
the world.

 I will be including (listing)  everything that was given birth from
from those initial discoveries.
Brother Jon, I've seen the many people through these years who first laughed at you , and now they are all over the web masquerading as you.
This is why I chose to dedicate this webpage to you Jon DePew and

We the people who have been here watching the whole thing from the beginning , we know who these people are who are positioning
themselves to obtain credit for your unique discoveries and original works.
Turning it into their own Glory.
These people are enjoying feeling important to the world and they are imposters of the TRUTH.
I like Truth , nothing is better than truth. It is the only thing that 100 %
moves us forward.
To: Jon DePew if you ever read this I want you to know : You've helped me in ways I can't describe, but it is like a rebirth of my mind and perception.
I'm taking a position to help you keep your well deserved credit for these underlying discoveries. It feels like the right thing to do. I'm proud of you.
I mean that from the bottom of my heart . I'm here for you my old friend.
 I see what these people are doing to you online,It is Unacceptable and
plain WRONG.

This is why I have dedicated this webpage to you. Also for the people who have been inspired by you. People like me. I know you are beyond happy
to see it spread freely through the world, I only want to make sure you are remembered for discovering and starting this movement moving forward
and in so many directions at once. That's all I want for you Sir.
You won't do it for yourself then I will do it for you. My pleasure to do so.
I've seen you try to defend yourself and your work in ways I know would make you feel very uncomfortable. Friend don't you worry about it.
We have your back here !!
So many people are now applying what you brought forth with your message and your experiments. I say that is really solid proof your
plan has manifested into a reality, and my friend that is an
accomplishment I feel honored to have witnessed first hand from the beginning.

It can never go backwards now ,as you once feared.
This knowledge is more powerful then anything (yes now I do know
this is true), and yes It does tend to bring out the exploiters of the world
who want to cash in on it's glory or profits. Something that is this BIG for mankind , there is no escaping the unattractive human traits we all have within us , you know that feeling of Look at me, Look at me we all love.
As I suppose it is this way with any important historical scientific discovery.
 In my humble opinion Mr. DePew and just as you once told me, and don't get mad at me for quoting you here.
Jon DePew's Quote:
"Getting the main message out into the world, is
much more important than anything else we can do"

Yes Sir your right, It can hurt the ego ,but eventually will soothe your soul .
Am I right? or am I right ? Ok, enough said my friend.
As I look back on it all now. I really regret the way I presented myself to you Mr.DePew , It is not easy for me to admit this here , but I have had a bit of stored away guilt since back then.

Trying to face up to it now , I can see I too took advantage of your work,
I'm not proud to say . I was approaching your work with a hidden motive
and truthfully it was heading in a self promoting way.
I had all types of reasoning going on in my own mind, why it was perfectly ok for me to take this information given to me and had revealed to me privately and  intrusting it to me.

That is why I will admit to you now, that I took a foolish turn back then
and I started parading around secretly with a lot of Jon's work,  like it was
something I discovered on my own, I was going to conventions
with an artificial larger then life ego. It felt so good at the time.
I never in my life had a feeling of being that important to others.
It was a little addicting in a certain way.

I can't believe I did that to Jon. I feel like a complete ass about it all now.
It was like I was in a strange sci fi movie or something. I was the main character and I couldn't even see myself in an honest way anymore. Believing my own lies. It soon caught up to me, when those two young
men that filmed me making a fool of myself showing your movies and
work to everyone at the convention. I had been drinking a little that day,
and was bragging. I had no idea I was being filmed. I said things that
were not very nice about you.  (Sorry for that now)
When you called me and told me you saw and heard everthing I was
doing, and you sent me the link of the film , I saw myself in a way
I did not like at all.

That was a big awakening for myself. I'm very sorry for that evening
Then one day soon after that event of horrific embarrassment  and humiliation, now being forced to see myself in the light of truth.
Maybe it was the kindness and the trust Jon had given me previously,
it sort of all sank at once.
I felt a big lump in my stomach, I could plainly see it was wrong,
what I was doing.

Jon hadn't ever wanted anything in return for teaching me some pretty
darn amazing things, that I have never seen before or since.
Being a trust worthy friend is all Jon asked of me, and that was the one thing I failed to give to him.
I had delusions and a blinding self importance.That I let get the better
of me.
Thinking on it now, wondering If it was because I've never had something
so important in my grasp before ? and having it before most other people
on the planet would ever know about it. That's a rare power and is really hard to let go of or give up. My ego was taking over from the inside out.
All that experience of examining myself, has given me a new level of self awareness that I did not have before. You can say something good came from the bad.

As you once told me Mr. DePew, It's a powerful thing "Knowledge"
and that it can really warp our ability to be true and honest with ourselves.
I found myself constantly day dreaming about my past behaviors
towards this person who had helped me so much and without asking for anything in return. I was wanting now a way to try and make a menses
with myself and with Jon, if that is possible. Fearing it was not.
I betrayed my dear friend, not only that , but the very person who had helped me most of all.

I kept thinking what can I do that could turn things around to being right again?
Deciding why not create a dedication page or tribute website
for the coralcastlecode's evolution and constant progress ,
Showing when the discovery was made and true understanding of this ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE began in modern history.
 I will merge and document all of the websites and researchers I now see imitating the work you started .

Those who imitate in unpleasant ways.
Plus the ones that do give credit to the original discovery made.
I'll be showing how fast it's now growing throughout the world.
Taking off from it's very small beginnings and to where it is now.
I'm going to go ahead and include all links found pertaining to the
work you started in 2003-2004.
 I'm thinking it might be interesting to document.
Recently while searching online I've noticed many of them are even
removing your copyrights now and credits of images, and the concepts involved. Hoping it's ok to do this Sir. I don't want to anger you or

I'm sure some of them will piss you off by seeing it.
I know you have documented yourself with the initial discoveries
in many ways , I just want to make sure your legacy doesn't slip through
the cracks.
 I am hoping to work towards mending our tarnished friendship.
I hope this tribute page shows that I do care and want to help preserve
your contributions to this world.
A simple quote below is from Jon DePew's Website (2003-2004) and will forever be etched into my mind.
This is one main of many things Jon DePew is credited for Discovering.

Sacred Geometry is really revealing the "Segmented Blueprints to Magnetic Energies and the Neutral Particles of Matter ". 
  Jon DePew gave to the world something so important and Beautifully  Brilliant  !
Jon DePew was the one who discovered the solution and understanding
to what all those Ancient Symbols and Ancient Knowledge fragments
really meant for us .
It was the first time in documented history that this was ever revealed.
We who know the TRUTH , Mr. DePew, we will not forget you for it.
I know Jon DePew won't defend his right to have credit for this
discovery. That is why I'm here doing this to help that JUSTICE prevail.
Letting people who were unaware, will now know the real TRUTH.
Mr. DePew was the only person saying it for years, and also showing it with actual scientific works he built himself, devices that are
still unknown
to scientist's throughout this world.

 Now everywhere I look , I can see Jon's wonderful message of TRUTH is influencing people to do the same. It is spreading so fast all through the world , and in such a small amount of time .
Mr. DePew once mentioned to me "Knowledge " is very similar to that oh so special ring that everyone is willing to kill for in the story
 "Lord of the Rings"   You were right Jon, It's so true my Friend.
That's why knowledge is so damn powerful , and I have to admit I was becoming one of those types too. It's so easy to let happen, 
  I'm not like that anymore Sir. I will do my best to not slip into that
behavior anymore.
I see myself in a clearer way then ever before, I owe a big part of that
 to you Sir.

There are a lot of crazy people out there in this world, that will just buy
into anything they hear and are told. They will choose to ignore the
straight forward teachings of a wonderful man like Ed Leedskalnin,
totally disregarding what his message really was.
I scream out as to what Fools these people are.
 Edward Leedskalnin's writings when read in a very normal way are
giving us everything we need to know the secrets of the universe.
You were so right about this.

Thank you for keeping me out of all that non sense. 
Simple but TRUTHFUL observations of Energy, that provide for us
the most important message we could every be lucky enough to receive.
The simple conclusion and TRUTH is that 3 things are what create everything that ever was and ever will be. Some of these so called truth seekers I'm seeing lately throughout the web  are now not only stealing Jon DePew's credit but also creating more non truths then were here before these discoveries were revealed in 2003-2004. 
It has become a circus of bumbling energy clowns all dressed up in
their own colorful costumes, ignoring what's true , yet pay great
attentions to something that isn't even true , real or even plausible.
I'm starting to believe Nature doesn't allow certain people to see the

 I believe it has to start in the way people view themselves first.
If they lie to themselves, they won't be able to ever see other truth
as it presents itself.
It can be right in front of their faces and they will still choose
to look behind it ,underneath it ,and everywhere else, except whats is
directly in front of them.
While getting other people to believe their non sense too.
They all follow that non sense blindly.
I'm happy you weren't like that Mr.DePew.
God Speed Sir , Keep up the good work .
Hopefully we can be friends again someday , in the mean time I'll be here trying to help in the most effective ways I can think of .
                                                                 Sincerely , James S.(Jimbo)


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